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Popular Additions to your Pool

When a liner pool is renovated is the most cost effective time to consider any changes you've always wanted to make in it's design. It's at this time that a new liner has to be ordered and installed, and often there are some areas where your pool will have "aged" and require a little additional attention. So there's no better way to get the greatest value for your renovation dollars than to combine them with upgrades or additions.

Additions to your pool generally are of two types: either they improve the pool's ease of maintenance, or they directly improve your enjoyment of the pool. Some pools have been installed with very little attention to the overall quality of circulation. This causes the pool to be extra difficult to keep clean or keep chemically balanced, and so there might be some upgrades that are worthwhile to consider. And there might be some aspects that render you pool more difficult to enjoy that could easily be addressed. And of course, you may always have wished for a pool light, or a slide, and that too can be easily handled at the time of a liner replacement. The list that follows is by no means exhaustive, but only attempts to touch on the basics.

One of the best additions to an older pool is the installation of steps in one manner or another. New pools these days almost always include a section of the wall that is a pre-fabricated 'step panel' that allows for easy access to the pool. In a pool that is already in place, the addition of steps built into the interior of the pool can be a more cost effective solution. Here are some pictures of an old pool to which we added steps when we renovated the floor.  Either way, with little children and aging swimmers present, this pool feature can make a world of difference for access and safety!


Of course, a slide can be a world of fun for many, whether it's the familiar standard style of slide, or one of a more exotic design as you can see here. And you don't have to be a little kid to enjoy a slide!


Pool lights also greatly enhance a pool's use, and provide for the ability to always be able to see who is in the pool, day or night! Pool lights have now been engineered with such care, including multiple safety aspects, that the previous concerns are no longer valid when the work is performed to industry standards. The benefits of improved visibility has often been a great comfort to many customers!

Some upgrades are necessary because of the failure of an existing portion of a pool; others are undertaken simply for improved aesthetics, and the replacement of a pool's coping (the top edge) is just one of those aspects of a pool that benefits greatly from the upgrade. Since a liner pool depends on the tract to hold the liner up in place, it's essential that the track is intact and well mounted. (For a more detailed discussion of pool tracks, go here) Sometimes simply replacing your plastic track to an aluminum track can make a big difference in a liner's appearance. Other times you may wish to also change the coping that either holds the track or covers it. There are all kinds of coping materials, from wood to aluminum, to brick, to natural stone, and just about any other kind of material you can envision sitting at the edge of your pool.

Circulation issues can easily frustrate a proper disbursement of chemicals, as well as hamper ideal removal of all that debris that gets in the pool. Some skimmers installed years ago are really too small and, if upgraded, would greatly improve the 'skimming' action a skimmer is to perform. And some pool come with too few returns, or pipe sizes that are too small, and result in sections of your pool where dirt and leaves tend to 'hang around'. This too can easily be handle with the addition of the right fittings stratigically placed. Some early pools skipped installing a main/bottom drain because of fears of leaks, but have suffered ever since because of the decreased control it causes in a pool, but that is easy enough to address. Other additions, such as safety ropes, ladders and hand rails can quickly be added.

Last, but not least, upgrades to the equipment area are also best taken care of at this time. Whether you need a more effecient pump or filter, or maybe you're finally ready to install a heater or solar panels, this can easily be handled at this time.

Once your pool's renovation is completed, it's best not to return to perform these kinds of upgrades at a later date due to the risk it can be to the liner. So good planning and anticipation of future needs for your pool is best handled at the early stages of a pool repair project.

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