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The renovation of your pool will likely begin as an effort to resolve a particular problem such as a ripped liner, a pool that won't hold water, or even a design that is no longer practical or satisfactory.  But once the work is undertaken and completed, many steps will need to be taken if you want to get the job done correctly.

Some of the considerations might include:

  1. Learning more about how your pool was designed and constructed.
  2. Considering your pool's general condition to see if any hidden problems exist.
  3. Inspecting your pool's features to see if any part needs to be added, removed, or simply fixed.
  4. Evaluating Contractors to see if they are experianced enough to get the job done well, and have a proven, dependable reputation.
  5. ... and of course, choosing a pattern for the new liner.

We'll be happy to come by and inspect your pool, discuss it's condition and counsel you in the various options available for it's renovation, as well as provide a written estimate for it's repair.

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