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Leak Detection

Pool leaks seem inevitable, and they seem to come when least expected.
You might notice one day that the pool seems lower than usual,
or you might come out and hear a gurggling-surging collection of sounds
coming from the pool or equipment area.
Whenever you first discover your pool has a leak
it's usually not the ideal time to address the problem.

But a pool leak is a serious issue best dealt with as soon as reasonably possible
because it can quickly incur significant costs
and possibly do damage to your equipment.
It also might signal a problem that will get worse if not corrected.

If you discover a leak in your pool, there are some things you can do
to start looking for its source.
There are also some cautions you will want to keep in mind right from the start.
Ultimately, you may also decide to call in a leak detection specialist,
and if so, it's best to be aware of their benefits and limitations.

If you find yourself today with a leak, I hope the following tips can be of help:

DIY Tips
Leak Detection Basics
Leak Detection Services

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