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Alpha Omega Pools is a family owned and operated business that started in 1984 after an introduction to the swimming pool industry by a prominent local builder.  From the start, being self-employed, there was ample opportunity for my children to participate in the work.  This has turned out to be the biggest bonus for me, not only to be able to teach them the fundamentals of the construction trade, but to also be able to train them to be people of character and integrity.  And along the way, we've been able to form the closest of bonds as a family.

While I received my initial experience in new liner pool construction, I quickly turned to liner pool renovation and found a real need in the marketplace existed.  Since then, I've come to know many wonderful customers, many I now count as personal friends, and I've also had the privilege of working with some of the best companies my industry has to offer. The swimming pool industry is somewhat seasonal here in the northwest, and frequently suffers from a "feast or famine" dynamic.  Fortunately , being a small company that keeps it's labor force "in house" over the years has allowed me to operate in a much leaner manner. 

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